Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pearl Diving Kitten

This is Pearl. She has an ICE fetish and will wade in the water to catch her prize.

She gets her ice occasionally ...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Crested CaraCara

These are the most remarkable birds in my neighborhood. They are beautiful to see.
I always have a good day when I see them on my way to work.
NAME DERIVATION: The scientific name comes from poly, the Greek word for many or varied; boros, meaning gluttonous and remarks on the bird’s voracious appetite; and from the Latin word plancus, which is a word Aristotle used for an eagle. The common name, caracara, is what South Americans called the bird and probably imitates the sound of the bird. This bird has been called Caracara Eagle, King Buzzard, Mexican Eagle, Audubon’s Caracara, and Mexican Buzzard. The scientific name of this bird was formerly Caracara cheriway.

* Unlike other members of the falcon family that do not construct nests, the caracara builds a stick nest.

* The caracara is the most terrestrial bird in the falcon group. It spends a great deal of time on the ground.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Big Coon

Big Coon was the Mother of three, she would bring her kids to the barn at dinnertime and dine with the Barn Cats. This was allowed after I spent a whole evening explaining the table manners required to join the Barn Family. She was kind enough to agree to my terms, taught her children my rules and they never bothered their dinner mates again. All the coons would wait in the tree outside the Barn each evening when I fed. After setting out piles of cat food onto the many plates, I could hear them come down from the tree and sneak into the Barn through a hole in the corner.

OhBee and Strauss

OhBee (stands for Out Boy) and Strauss were brothers.

Duck Crossing

Baby Pooh

This is Baby Pooh who was fed each morning with the barn cats. He appeared promptly on top of his paper and waited patiently for his turn to be served.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Legend of BossKitty

More original BossKitty. This was an amazing feline. She had six litters before she was caught and her incentive to procreate removed. She became domestic and proceeded to become ruler of the cats, dogs and horses. She learned english and put herself through college. She encouraged her personal human to continue creative endeavors.
She moved to central Texas, with several of her children, where she lived out her productive life at the age of 14 human years.

Monday, September 3, 2007

The Original BossKitty


My Grandmother is the baby
on the right.

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters 1898
The one on the far right
is my great grandmother.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hello There

Find the real BossKitty is seen on this page. I play BossKitty on Bluebloggin and TruthHugger. I will post here occasionally when gets too intense. I do have a more creative side. I will share photos, drawings and prose.